Crocodile snapped guarding nest

May 28, 2012 12:00 PM

Agata Staniewicz, a Phd student from the University of Bristol, returned to the Ironwood Foundation's raft in Lake Mesangat this month to continue her studies of the Critically Endangered and Endangered Siamensis and False Gharial crocodile species (Crocodylus siamensis and Tomistoma schlegelii) that inhabit this important wetland ecosystem. Supported by the Ironwood Foundation team she has been searching the lake at night using spotlights and setting camera traps to find out more about the population, distribution and ecology of these elusive species. A particularly exciting result from her camera trap survey so far is a photo of an adult female Siamensis crocodile basking in the sun while guarding her nest. Sighting these rare, shy crocodiles in the wild, and even finding their nests, is extremely difficult. This may even be the first ever photo from Indonesia of a wild Siamensis crocodile guarding its nest! Read more about the Ironwood Foundation or visit Agata's Blog

Monday, May 28, 2012