Working together to improve smallholders’ practices

Mar 01, 2015 12:00 PM

REA has formed an important collaboration with SNV, an international development NGO, the aim of which is to improve the practices of the smallholders within the group’s supply chain who manage their own land. In order to have impact at scale, SNV is training trainers; eight members of REA’s smallholder team, as well as 40 farmers from five cooperatives, to deliver a series of training modules on best agricultural practices. The four training sessions held to date have focused on providing participants with an understanding of the content of, and methods for effective delivery of, the training materials prepared by SNV. It is the intention that, after completing the training programme, the participants will be able to deliver the training to other smallholders within their cooperatives.  The ultimate goal of this ‘train the trainer’ approach is to assist all of the smallholders within REA’s supply chain to attain optimal yields and fruit quality in a way that complies with the relevant roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) standar

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Sunday, March 1, 2015